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Who Are We?

Crosland HILL Publishing was started in 2010 by husband and wife authors, Malcolm and Linda Crosland. The original goal was to publish titles the couple had written over a number of years, thinking "one day we would like to see them published."

When that day arrived, a decision was also made to form a publishing company. The initial titles would be those the couple had written, and with company growth, publication of other authors would be considered. As the company mission began to unfold, the founders were emphatic about publishing with more than reader entertainment in mind. As important as entertainment value is, so also is the message within. With a strong sense of urgency and concern over deteriorating values in America, and the world community, the founders agreed that all published content would strive to provide a positive and uplifting message to the reader. Crosland HILL titles would not only inspire, entertain and inform, but also teach and reinforce the core Christian values our country was founded upon.

Crosland HILL Publishing